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— That is acquired not merely within the Christians but also from all These non-Muslims who Are living in Islamic region – The Jewish, the parsi or any 1 getting faith other than Islam.

kiya tune four rishiyon ko dekha hai jinko ved diye gaye the? agar nahi aur tu manta hai to tu andhvishwasi hua na?

I didnt sense appropiate to provide verses right here because they may be extremely disturbing for my Hindu Brothers.

Then in some time of third Caliph Usman there were lots of accent variations of quran meaning that Quaran was the same but peoples of different tribes accustomed to recite it in differnt methods identical to US English is spoken differently tehn England Enlish but English continues to be English simlarly the textual content was identical as it was discovered to Muhammad(pbuh).

@jay. moolshankar was not the sole sanskrit Talking or sanskrit scholar who promises to find out the veda. dr. ved prakash upadhyaya had penned many books in which he proves that kalki or antim rishi that is eagerly awaited by hindus is prophet Muhammad of Islam .

wah wah agniveer ji aap wo kaam kar rahe hai ki aane wali saari manav jaaati aapka upkar manegi jo aaap unne islam ke andhkar se sanatan dharam ke prakash mai laaye ho ,islam jo ki aatannk ka doosra naam hai ,anpad gawar logoin ki jamat hai ,jisne duniye ko koi assistance nahi kiya einstine ,aryabhat ,jaise vaigyaniko ko aajtak paida nahi kar saka us islam se aap unne bacha rahe hai ……jai ho jai ho ….aapka jai ho…..we should bycott Occasions OF INDIA & NDTV INDIA likewise…..

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I didn not know from in which you are stating with no quotation that He(God) is sort of a giant amoeba who retains altering shape and has boundaries.

5. You should be certain me that you'll condemn Quran and Hadith for degrading non believers and ladies if I tell you about exactly the same.

from the place u got the idea that This page is dislike site?? This website compares and provides truth, if u would like to read truth of the matter browse it from in this article. And stop convey to us ur philosophy about hating and all..

Regardless of owning learnt a lot, continue to why it seems to get so obscure that a person differs from the body? It is actually not at all difficult. It is possible to encounter it. It's only as a consequence of foolishness that people Believe differently; but Everybody seriously is aware of, “I am not this system.” This can be super easy to knowledge. I'm existing. I understand that I have existed within a infant’s physique; I have website existed in a child’s overall body, as well as in a boy’s entire body.

Many philosophers claim that the human body is like a dream. Have you read that before? Exactly what does that almost imply? In fact, we can experience that every night time. Once we desire, our entire body lies about the mattress, but we go elsewhere. In this way many of us expertise that our authentic identification is independent from this system. When we dream we ignore the human body lying on the bed. We act in numerous bodies and in numerous locations. Likewise, during the day we fail to remember our aspiration bodies during which we traveled to a lot of places.

nine. Up to date Islamic philosophy is filled with rational loopholes whilst Vedas are without the need of these kinds of loopholes.

Brother, I question you- “I am Placing ahead the truth, if you discover it legitimate, will you accept it?” How will you decide who’s truth of the matter is true fact and whose a fantasy? You suppose on your own being someone that can only give or tell, not just take or listen. Remember to appear out of the superiority sophisticated and start conversing logical.

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